About Vanessa King

About My Art With Skin

About My Art With Skin

I'm LA.K winner of the 2017 skincare award for facial lifting/toning with my "Russian Massage" cast member of the reality show "LOVE BLOWS" (WE TV) and European trained Anti aging specialist with years of experience in skincare. My skills are designed specifically to meet the needs of those combating inflammation (acne), aging, dull, and or sagging skin.

My Art with Skin Differs from an American Esthetician

I take a less western approach which is more aligned with my belief that holistic, less aggressive blood flowing stimulation restores the glow and muscle lift with technic rather than harsh invasive procedures tailored to the individual, will always standout as a superior form of treatment. 

Estheticians and Skincare Specialist

What a wonderful time this is in skincare where the very best in beauty is available to everyone. Along the way major breakthroughs have been made within skincare companies and dermatology brands, Estheticians and skincare specialist like myself, as well as clients are more knowledgeable then past generations. 

Superior Service

The advancements are quite exciting which gives me the pleasure of providing my clientele with superior service, With tailored treatments, great products combined with phenomenal ingredients. It's a spectacular time to visit and consult with Skin Euro esthetics.

I look forward to seeing you very soon.